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Lavender: the 6 essential virtues

Lavender: the 6 essential virtues

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The lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), native to the mountains of the Mediterranean basin but widely cultivated today throughout the world, is sought after for its seductive fragrance but also for its many therapeutic properties.

  • Gardening: how to grow lavender well

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Lavender and its health benefits

Used by the Romans for its delicate fragrance, lavender was already recognized in the Middle Ages for its disinfectant powers. It is widely used today in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Lavender essential oil diffused in the air allows fight anxiety and promotes sleep in case of mild insomnia, thanks to its calming virtues.
  • Thanks to its properties antispasmodics, lavender essential oil helps fight against respiratory problems (flu-like, stuffy nose, cough, etc.). It helps to make the breathing easier by relaxing muscles and by regulating thepulmonary system.
  • Lavender can also relieve headache and appease the dizziness.
  • In the form ofinfusion (30 g of flower for a liter of water), lavender is stimulating. It facilitates digestion, promotes elimination thanks to its diuretic virtues, and fight against colic.
  • In compress, lavender is also antiseptic. It relieves itching and superficial burning and helps treat eczema and acne.
  • Slipped under your pillow, a small sachet of lavenderwill immerse you in a sleep repairman.

Growing lavender for its benefits

Lavender requires full sun, hot, dry exposure. It grows in calcareous, dry and preferably stony soil, even poor. Planted with roses, it will avoid the attack of aphids.

The yield of potted lavender is excellent. It does not require any particular maintenance and will be satisfied with a few waterings at intervals. Be careful, however: lavender attracts foraging insects that may come into your home!

Gardening: how to grow lavender well

Lavender in cooking and other benefits

Dried lavender flowers are used for flavor some pastries, creams, syrups or sorbets. Use sparingly because its fragrance is very strong!

Lavender oil is an excellent insect repellant. It's a moth repellent renowned and it also allows fight against lice : a drop of lavender essential oil behind your children's ears will (maybe) make them flee ...

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