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Dandelion: benefits and virtues

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is a perennial stemless very common in meadows and pastures.

Native to Europe, the dandelion is widely distributed in warm temperate areas of the northern hemisphere and is recognized for its many health benefits and virtues.

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Dandelion and its health benefits

  • Raw dandelion is rich in vitamin A, in vitamins B6 and B9, and in vitamin C, which makes it a vegetable that strengthens the immune system, helps our body to fight against bacteria and the toxins, could reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and some cancers, strengthens skin, tissue and bones.
  • Source of iron and of potassium, the dandelion acts on the balance of the nervous system and our muscle functions. It helps to fight against tired.
  • Very rich inpolyphenols (this is the vegetable that contains the most), dandelion is an excellent antioxidant, an ally against aging of the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory and diuretic, dandelion facilitates the elimination of toxins of infectious, food and environmental origin. It also helps to treatarterial hypertension.
  • Excellent natural depurative, this plant regulates intestinal functions. The dandelion has a sovereign action on thedigestions difficult and the problems of constipation. It also fights against the excess of cholesterol.
  • Dandelion stimulates gall bladder and acts on the liver. It is recommended for the treatment of hepatic insufficiency, hepatic attacks painful and jaundice.
  • Powerful tonic and "Cleanser" of liver and blood, dandelion juice is sometimes recommended as a cure for boost the body at the rate of several cups a day for a week.
  • It has virtues against rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • We recommend dandelion in eczema treatments, psoriasis and others skin manifestations. A decoction of dandelion roots cleanses impurities from the skin and allows the face to regain its shine.

Growing dandelions for their benefits

  • The dandelion grows easily everywhere, but it likes the direct sun and rich, cool soils. It accommodates many clayey, strong and compact soil.
  • If you don't plan on consuming dandelions on a regular basis, you can harvest those that grow naturally in your garden or in the meadows, making sure they are not not treated with pesticides.

Dandelion in the kitchen for its benefits

Young leaves of dandelion are eaten raw in salads or cooked.

Don't hesitate to pair the dandelion with eggs and bacon for a complete and delicious salad.

Nutritional intake

The dandelion brings on average50 kcal/100 g. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is invigorating, diuretic and depurative.

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