Choose your fruit tree according to the climate and the region

Choose your fruit tree according to the climate and the region

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The available space, the altitude, the quality of the soil are all elements to take into account when choosing the tree that will decorate your garden.

An apple tree in the plain

Harvested from July to the end of October, the Apple is the favorite fruit of the French. Each household consumes around 16 kg per year.

The Apple tree is appreciated by gardeners for its resistance to cold and alkaline soils.

Cultivated in all regions below 1000 m altitude, it nevertheless has a preference for mild and misty climates like that of its region of origin, Normandy. In a more arid area, it is planted in November to see it bloom in the spring.

From March to April, its branches are covered with pink or white flowers.

A pear tree, everywhere except in Normandy

Cousin of the apple tree, the pear tree is more sensitive to climatic conditions and soil quality.

Heat, high winds, drought or spring frosts do not suit him. The humidity of the Norman soils prevents it from being cultivated in this region. He prefers clayey and consistent soils.

Although it can live for a hundred years, the pear tree does not bear fruit for 3 years. And only if a compatible pear tree, planted at its side, ensures cross-pollination.

Like its cousin, the pear tree needs pruning in November every 5 years.

An orange tree in sunny regions

Tree of the Mediterranean basin par excellence, theorange tree likes sandy, permeable and fertile soils.

It is planted, from November to March, in the shelter of a hedge or a wall to protect it from the wind. In northern regions it is grown outdoors until October. It is then sheltered during the winter.

Navels, blond oranges and sanguines are the most popular species. Maintenance pruning is necessary after each harvest. Usually in March.

Beware of wetlands to fish it

For a to fish in good health, it should be planted from November to March in loose, deep and cool soil.

He particularly likes the gardens of the Midi. Further north, its cultivation requires more attention and care.

Sensitive to wind and frost during flowering, peach trees grow along a well exposed wall. After two years, the first peaches appear.

To encourage their production, the peach tree should be pruned in November every two or three years. Two other sizes should also be expected each year: when the first peaches appear and after harvest.


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