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How to plant flowers well, tips for success

How to plant flowers well, tips for success

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The stage of planting a flower is important for the flowering and lifespan of your plant.

In summary, what you need to know:

Exposure : According to the varieties
Ideal period : Planting in spring, early summer, autumn
Necessary material:

  • a perennial flower
  • hand shovel
  • a claw
  • a spade
  • basin of water
  • Potting soil

How to plant a flower well, here are the tips for successful planting.

How to plant a flower well: step by step

Step 1 : Choose your location and exposure. Exposure varies by flower, so check what is written on the label.

Highlight it by playing with colors or heights. This will give you a much more elegant composition.

2nd step: Deposit the flower and put its root ball in a basin of water.

Step 3 : For planting, dig a nice hole. Mix the removed soil with potting soil.

Step 4 : Scratch the roots of the root ball in order to detach them between them.

Step 5 : Add a little of your mixture to the bottom of your hole, then place your perennial in the middle of the hole, taking care to spread out the roots.

Step 6 : Recap gently with your remaining mixture without damaging the foliage.

Tamp lightly and water.

Advice for planting flowers

When your flower grows too big, don't hesitate to make lots of cuttings for you and your friends. It will thus become much more beautiful.

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