Rowley's Groundsel, the Pearl Necklace

Rowley's Groundsel, the Pearl Necklace

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Senecio rowleyanus is a pretty plant, also called Pearl necklace for its leaves in a ball.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name: Senecio rowleyanus

Type : Houseplant

: 30 to 40 cm indoors
Exposure: Bright

: Persistent -Flowering: Winter

Planting Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus is a plant that needs good soil to thrive.

Then, every 2 years and preferably in the spring,repot your senecio in a pot of a larger diameter.

When repotting:

  • The roots of seneciofear excess water.
    Make sure the new pot is well drilled at the bottom.
  • A cactus soilis ideal.

Exhibition for a Rowley's Groundsel

The senecio needs a temperature between 18 and 24 ° in summer

  • The ideal temperature in winter is around 10-15 ° in winter
  • The temperature of a house or apartment is therefore ideal for growing senecio.

The best place to install your senecio is in a place where there is nogood lightBut without direct sun

It is a plant that dreads the sun's rays behind a window because they burn the foliage.

  • It therefore needs good light but without direct sunlight
  • Avoid the proximity of a heat source such as a radiator

Senecio rowleyanus outdoors:

  • We can place thesenecio outdoorssummer in partial shade so as not to burn the pretty leaves.

Watering Senecio rowleyanus

Like most succulents, Senecio rowleyanus requires very little water. Too much water could even be fatal.

In spring and summer:

Keep the soil slightly moist, do not water excessively.

  • Water from above and ideally with water at room temperature
  • Avoid wetting the leaves and flowers of the senecio.

In order to maintain a certain humidity, it is preferable to place the pot on a bed of clay balls with water in the dark.

In autumn and winter:

Reduce wateringso as to wait for thesoil is very drybetween 2 waterings.

  • Stop adding fertilizer.

Flowering Rowley's Groundsel

The best time to flower for Senecio rowleyanus is the end of thewinter.

The most important thing to make Rowley's groundsel flourish is the exhibition and the temperature.

  • It needs a bit of freshness and good light to get ready to flower
  • Put it in a fairly cool room in winter (10 to 15 °) with good light
  • Limit watering as written in the paragraph dedicated to watering.

Rowley's groundsel diseases

Common diseases of houseplants are mainly found,red spider, thecochineal, theaphids during the flowering period.

Tip about Rowley's Groundsel

A wonderful houseplant, Rowley's groundsel is a very decorative plant thanks to its very original foliage in the shape of small pearls.

Ideal as a suspension, in a container or in a pot, the decorative effect is guaranteed and its design side is indisputable.

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